Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions

Product Descriptions

Descriptions on this website are based on current information provided by hotels and suppliers. Any facilities shown as included are subject to change by the supplier at any time. The standard of accommodation and services are based on various factors and are generally accepted as indicative of a certain rating, however, we are not liable for the standard or rating of that accommodation or service. Hotel ratings are those suggested by industry local authorities or our representative and may vary from Tourist Office ratings.

Prices (all displayed in AUD$)

All prices are subject to change without notice. “From” prices quoted are the lowest available as per industry standard, usually adult twin-share, per person for tours and cruises, or per room per night, based on twin-share for accommodation. Adriatic Adventures’ prices are usually inclusive of Breakfast for Hotel Accommodation, exclusive of breakfast for Apartment Accommodation and usually Inclusive of Half Board Basis for Tours and Cruises, although please refer to itinerary and voucher for confirmation of which meals are inclusive and are available for the specified travel dates only. “From” prices quoted do not include credit card merchant fee charges put out by the bank as these may vary depending on the payment method chosen. All prices are displayed in AUD$. Prices are inclusive of taxes and charges that apply, but they do not include any fees that may be imposed directly by third parties. If we have to change any part of your booking for reasons beyond our control, eg, if a hotelier overbooks hotel accommodation, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Single supplements apply to most products for solo travellers, though we do endeavour to keep those as low as possible by not adding commission. We believe that if you require single supplement that you should not be penalised just because you’re travelling on your own, so we do the best we can to keep your costs reasonable.

Last-Minute Bookings (within 21 days of departure) and Clients that require an personalised itinerary (a immediate $50 deposit per booking for accommodation requests*)

In requesting a last minute booking, we may be required to work weekends and evenings and make international calls to ensure we can secure your booking as soon as possible, we will be required to request a $50 deposit at the time of your request, this is to ensure you request is legitimate and the booking will be fulfilled. Unfortunately, we have found in the past that a number of customers would take information of the hotels or apartments that has been booked for them and book directly. As we are a travel agency, not a government-run tourist board, our income is based on the commission we receive for bookings made through our company.

As Croatian Specialists we enjoy helping our clients and taking the time to plan and create an amazing itinerary for you. As we are specialists we also go beyond planning you itinerary to give you advice on where to go, where to eat, what to see and how long you might like to stay in each area based on your specific interests. We are always open to researching other things our clients may want to include in their holiday and we really enjoy what we do. We learn something new from every client and we absolutely love helping you plan your visit to our beautiful Croatia! However, in an effort to limit the amount of time we spent dealing with clients who then chose not to book through us, we have established a policy for a small immediate deposit so we know that your request is genuine. If we cannot find suitable accommodation based on your stated requirements, we will refund the $50 in full. We hope you understand as we’re sure that you, too, wish to be paid for the work that you do.

To our genuine clients based in areas other than Australia, we hope that you too understand that we require a small up front deposit of $50 to ensure your booking is genuine and that our information and hard work is not being used for personal gain by going elsewhere. We have clients from regions such as New Zealand, Canada, the US, the UK and many parts of Europe and we really enjoy working with overseas clients who genuinely want to use our services.

All bookings made 21 days or less before the first date of the first segment or made by overseas clients require an immediate deposit of $50 per booking in order for the request to be generated and payment in full must be made within 2 business days of confirmation, this is due to the fact that we cannot in good faith ask the supplier to hold the reservations if you do not pay us. The $50 generation fee will be deducted from the final payment when you finalise your booking. If the products you request are not available and we cannot offer you a similar product, we will refund your $50. The $50 generation fee will not be refunded if you choose not to finalise the booking for any reason other than non-availability of your requested products; or, if you just change your mind.

Bookings made 7 days or less before the first date of the first segment require, in addition to the above, payment in full immediately and may also incur an additional $50 booking fee in addition to the immediate deposit. This booking fee is in addition to your initial booking fee and is not deducted from the total upon final payment. Certain products may incur late booking fees more than 7 days before departure or may incur a higher fee. This will be advised at the time your booking is made.

Security Deposits

In order to secure a booking, a non-refundable, non-transferable security deposit must be received by us from you or your Travel Agent within 7 days of Reservation Confirmation. The security deposit is minimum $400 per person for cruises, $200 per person for other arrangements, or 30% of the booking, whichever is greater ($100 per child 15yrs and under). Certain products such as yacht charter and private chauffeured tours require an additional deposit; this will be advised at the time your booking is made. Failure to pay the deposit by the due date will lead to cancellation of your booking. If your booking is less than $200 per person, full payment is required immediately and in the event of a cancellation, the entire booking is non-refundable. If you choose to pay the booking in full immediately, in the event of a cancellation, you will still be charged a Cancellation Fee of minimum $400 for cruises or $200 for other content per person as below.

Final Balance Payments (Due 60 days prior to Departure)

The balance of the full itinerary price must be received by us from you or your Travel Agent not less than 60 days prior to your departure from Australia. Final balance for certain products is required at least 90 days before departure. This will be advised of the final payment date at the time your booking is made. Late payment may lead to cancellation and/or late documentation. No documentation or travel vouchers will be issued until payment is received in full.

Payment Methods Accepted

Cash, Cheque, Direct Deposit/ Electronic Funds Transfer (no surcharges)

Credit cards: Visa/MasterCard (1.5% surcharge)

Amex: (3% surcharge)

Cancellation Charges

1) Land Arrangements

(a) Bookings canceled at any time after confirmation are subject to the forfeit of the security deposit as above, and refunds will follow the below scale 1)c) we may refund to you any amounts we have not yet sent or legally have committed to send to suppliers less our administration costs.

(b) In addition to this fee are any charges made by the hotel, tour operator, cruise line or other principal. This can amount to up to 100% of total land arrangement costs, particularly when canceling tours and other arrangements within 60 days of departure. Some provider cancellation charges may also incur VAT. You should check what additional cancellation fees apply (if any) BEFORE payment of the deposit and full payment.

From the time of confirmation to more than 30 days prior to the commencement of the service, the full security deposit is non-refundable plus any non-refundable segments and any amounts we have not yet sent or legally have committed to send to suppliers less our administration costs. 

29 – 22 days the full security deposit + 25% of the total balance amount is non-refundable plus any non-refundable segments and any amounts we have not yet sent or legally have committed to send to suppliers less our administration costs. 
21 – 15 days the full security deposit + 45% of the total balance amount is non-refundable plus any non-refundable segments and any amounts we have not yet sent or legally have committed to send to suppliers less our administration costs. 
14 – 0 days & no show = 100% of total trip (no refund is available)

2) Airfare Cancellation Charges

(a) For Airfare cancellation charges please refer to your flight terms and conditions, please also note our administration costs are non-refundable.

3) Cruises and Adriatic Adventures Organised/Escorted Tours and Cruises

From the time of confirmation to more than 56 days prior to the commencement of the service, the full security deposit is non-refundable plus any non-refundable segments and any amounts we have not yet sent or legally have committed to send to suppliers less our administration costs. 

55 – 31 days the full security deposit + 50% of the total balance amount is non-refundable plus any non-refundable segments and any amounts we have not yet sent or legally have committed to send to suppliers less our administration costs. 
30 days or less and no-show == 100% of total trip (no refund is available)

We highly recommend that you obtain Travel Insurance to cover yourself in the event of a cancellation.

Consumer Claims

In the unlikely event you might experience a problem, you should immediately contact the company responsible for the provision of that service (transfer/hotel/tour etc) whose phone number will be printed on your voucher. If you are not satisfied with their response and should you wish to make a claim, your claim should be made in writing to us or to the Travel Agent who made your booking no later than 30 days after the event. Adriatic Adventures cannot be held responsible for delays or rejection of claims by principals if your claim is not made promptly.

Amendment Charges

(1) No Adriatic Adventures fee applies for the first amendment or to extend an existing booking before documentation is issued, dependent upon supplier policy. Please check with us first.

(2) Second and subsequent amendments, excluding extensions or additions after confirmations, will incur a $50 fee per booking and per sector or segment plus the supplier amendment fee.

(3) After documentation (vouchers) are issued a $50 fee will be charged for any changes plus the supplier amendment fee.


Please see our cancelation policy, no refund is available for cancellations after travel has commenced or in respect of any tours, accommodation, meals or any other services not utilised. Any valid refund payable will be made nett of any applicable fees and charges, including but not limited to merchant transaction fees and cancellation charges (as above) levied by either Adriatic Adventures or third parties.

Unused Services

Adriatic Adventures does not authorise the employees of any overseas supplier to promise refunds to clients.

Extra Service
Adriatic Adventures and associated representatives overseas will not accept responsibility nor approve requests to pay for additional charges for extra services requested or made by clients and not included in the basic prices stated on this website. It is your responsibility to settle these charges, if any, before departure including parking fines or parking fees incurred when a rental vehicle is used, or any mini bar used or additional meals requested.

Prices and Itinerary Changes

(1) Prices are based on fluctuating currency exchange rates and are therefore an indication only. They are quoted in Australian dollar, inclusive of the European VAT and are exclusive of GST unless otherwise indicated.

(2) Details of particular hotels and holidays described on this website may have changed since its release. Changes in exchange rates or airline taxes and other changes may also affect the price of particular holidays. You should ask your Travel Agent to check whether such changes have occurred in the price or itinerary BEFORE YOU BOOK and WHEN YOUR BALANCE IS DUE. Every endeavour will be made to advise you of any changes after you book.

(3) Special offers can be withdrawn at any time.

(4) The prices quoted by Adriatic Adventures are subject to change without notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as fluctuation in exchange rates and/or increases in land and airfare costs, airport charges or government taxes. No surcharges in respect of cost or currency deterioration will be made once full payment for your arrangements has been received. This guarantee does not apply to any taxes, charges or levies imposed by any government or their agencies or to errors or omissions. In exchange for these guarantees no refund will be made if costs are reduced. The entire range of products featured is offered at the selling prices shown on each page but prices printed do not imply that similar product may or may not be available at a lower price if obtained direct. However, payments sent overseas by travellers are excluded from the protection provided by Travel Agent Licensing and membership of the Travel Compensation Fund. Itineraries are subject to alteration if airline schedules are amended, a tour is cancelled by the operator for any reason, or other conditions require it. If, in the unlikely event that we have to cancel your booking because of insufficient numbers booked or because of events outside our control we will, if we are able to, offer you an alternative tour or arrangements of a similar standard. If the alternative is not suitable for you we will endeavour to refund in full any monies already paid to us for that particular tour less any non-refundable segments and any amounts we have not yet sent but legally have committed to send to suppliers less our administration costs. 

Hotel Information

Adriatic Adventures makes every effort to ensure accuracy in hotel information and descriptions, but we are also reliant on the suppliers and hotels giving us accurate data. Since hotels are constantly changing facilities and services, we cannot be liable for any errors or omissions herein or for any disruption caused by hotel or apartment renovations. If any feature is of critical importance to your holiday, it is the passenger’s responsibility to ask Adriatic Adventures to check whether such features will be available at the time of occupancy at the given hotel.

Changes of Hotels

If for any reason the hotel(s) nominated herein is/are unavailable, an alternative will be sought/offered. If, after confirmation, the hotel becomes unavailable, you will be assigned to a hotel of similar standard.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is STRONGLY recommended to cover you against loss of deposit or final monies paid because of unavoidable cancellation due to illness or other causes, personal baggage loss, medical expenses and other complications. Cancellation charges are minimum $200 or $400 per person, as above.

We highly recommend that you obtain Travel Insurance to cover yourself in the event of a cancellation.


Blazenka’s Travel Pty Ltd trading as Adriatic Adventures (A.B.N. 44 079 496 263) itself or through entities that are related or affiliated to it (all of whom are included in the expressions “Adriatic Adventures”, or the “Operator” on our website) We act as an agent only. We sell various travel related products on behalf of numerous transport, accommodation and other service providers, such as airlines, coach, rail and cruise line operators. Our obligation is to make travel bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and travel service providers. We have no responsibility for these services nor do we make or give any warranty or representation regarding their standard. All bookings are made on your behalf subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by these service providers. Your legal recourse for travel services is against the specific provider and not us. If for any reason (excluding fault by us) any travel service provider is unable to provide the services for which you have contracted your remedy lies against the provider and not with us.

Adriatic Adventures agrees to make the reservations with the principals offering the described services on the terms and conditions set out on this website. All tickets or vouchers issued by Adriatic Adventures (collectively “vouchers”) issued can only be used for the what is specified on the voucher only and cannot be exchanged for anything else.

Adriatic Adventures is responsible only for the services it provides and it accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury to persons or property caused by any act or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, on the part of any principal providing any services to any person taking advantage thereof, including but not limited to any loss or damage in respect of luggage or other property or inconvenience in respect of the handling thereof nor for any dissatisfaction with the properties or services provided by the principals.

Adriatic Adventures is not liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by events which are beyond the control of Adriatic Adventures or are not preventable including, without limitation, the acts or omissions of any person taking advantage of the services, dangers incident to the air or sea, delays, change of or alteration in any aircraft, itinerary, schedule or other travel service, illness, injury, strikes, war whether declared or not, failure of equipment, civil disturbance, medical or customs regulations, quarantines, floods, severe weather, acts of God, acts of government or other authority de jure or de facto or other disturbance of any nature, thefts, pilferage, improper or insufficient passport, visa or other documentation or anything else that interferes with, alters or adds to the cost of the services requested or booked.

The foregoing exclusions of liability are subject to all Australian and State laws, such as the Trade Practices Act and Fair Trading legislation which prohibits the exclusion of certain liability, but remain effective to the full extent permitted by such laws. Adriatic Adventures will take due care to ensure the services provided by the principals are as described on this website, but accepts liability for and only to the extent that loss or damage results directly from its own negligence or that of its employees. The making of a booking constitutes acceptance by all persons taking advantage of the services described on this website that the terms and conditions contained on this website constitute the entire agreement between them and Adriatic Adventures and that the agreement only be varied by an officer of Adriatic Adventures in writing.

Consumer Protection

Blazenka’s Travel Pty Ltd trading as Adriatic Adventures holds a Travel Agents Licence (No. 2TA4659) and is a member of the Travel Compensation Fund.

New South Wales Law

The agreement constituted by the terms and conditions contained on this website are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

Website Errors and Omissions

Any errors and omissions made during the development of this website is not the responsibility of Adriatic Adventures or any of its affiliates, suppliers or webmasters. Some errors may have occurred during the development of the website, we endeavour to correct them as soon as noted. However, Adriatic Adventures, its affiliates and suppliers will not be responsible for any damages caused by such errors and omissions.