Ivana Opacak

Rabska Torta Recipe

You will need: Dough Flour – 500 g Butter – 50 g Sugar – 2 tablespoons Maraschino liqueur – 1/2 tablespoon Eggs – 2 Water – 2 tablespoons Salt – pinch Filling Almonds – 1 kg Sugar – 900 g Maraschino liqueur – 6 tablespoons Eggs – 6 Orange zest – 1 1/2 oranges Lemon...

Vienna’s famous Sachertorte

You can’t go past a taste of Vienna’s famous Sachertorte! The decadent chocolate cake was created in 1832 by young chef Franz Sacher and is now world famous. While many claim theirs is from the original recipe don’t hold your breath, regardless of how flawless the glaze is, as the original recipe is kept under...

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